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Is your life on a path to someplace you don’t want to go?

Visions Of The Cross has the experience and expertise 
that can help you find your way to a future worth living

      At Visions you will discover men and women's residential and outpatient substance use treatment programs, all state licensed and/or certified*, incorporating a strong, effective faith-based therapeutic community. Visions’ multi-level of care, social model treatment programs focus on helping you heal from addiction by using evidence-based approaches, both faith-based and secular, so you can start living the kind of life your Creator originally intended for you.

     Because Visions understands a safe environment is also a crucial part of your successful recovery journey, there are sober recovery residences/transitional housing options that you can combine with your outpatient treatment to offer you that safety while you strengthen your ability to make the positive changes supportive of your long-term recovery, health, and wellness. Please note: Housing is a separate contract from outpatient treatment.
    As research has confirmed, treatment can be a vital and necessary step in breaking the cycle of addiction and substance abuse. You will find a comprehensive support system at Visions, which is known for its responsive therapeutic community focusing on recovery-oriented practices. Although continually recognizing the power of faith to help you change your life, Visions provides a hands-on, non-religious approach to treatment. Since every person at Visions Of The Cross is routinely treated with the utmost dignity, respect, and compassion, you can be assured that your treatment program, at every level of care, will always be individualized to meet your personal needs and goals. We treat the whole person at Visions.

     If you are a Medi-Cal/Partnership beneficiary, you should know, as an approved Drug Medi-Cal Provider, Visions can assist you with obtaining funding for your substance use treatment: Contact us to learn more.

Treatment Approaches:

► Faith-Based Approach
► Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
► Enhancing Motivation For Change (MI)
► Trauma-Informed Care
► Solution-Focused Therapy
► Didactic Presentations/Group Educations
► Evidence-Based Curriculum
► Accepting Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Patients

      Visions believes its client success rates are largely due to the quality of expertise and care implemented in the provision of services. Our professional staff specializes in delivering client-centered treatment that utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to address any co-occurring disorders. To best help men and women recover, Visions offers gender-specific treatment. Our staff is dedicated to family restoration and recognizes the urgency of assisting you in transition to get you back to your family, loved ones, and community.


      Visions' ability to provide effective treatment in a variety of levels of care also contributes to its clients' success rate. Numerous individuals and families have found restoration through our evidence-based, faith-oriented approach, leading Visions Of The Cross to become known as an organization centered in hope, healing, and empowerment. Are you ready to let Visions help you make a difference in your future?

Since 2008, Visions’ graduates have been finding
restoration for themselves and their families.
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NOTE: All Visions' programs are drug free.
Visions does not permit the unlawful use of drugs or alcohol at any of its facilities.

*Residential Programs: Women's DHCS License and Certification # 450020AN, Expires 9/30/2024;
                                      Men's DHCS License and Certification # 450020EN, Expires 2/28/2025;
  Outpatient Programs: DHCS Certification # 450020BN, Expires 10/31/2024