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What is the Adult Maintenance Program and What Does it Offer?

More than housing, more than outpatient, Visions’ Adult Maintenance Program (AMP) can help you manage your momentum for change while enhancing your motivation for recovery. If you need to be in control of your schedule but still want the benefits of a residential-style treatment program, then AMP was created especially for you. AMP offers you the flexibility to meet the demands of your employment (or to look for a job) along with the freedom to take care of your other critical personal obligations, all while working a professionally designed and implemented California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) certified outpatient recovery program that can deliver life-altering results for you.

In addition to maintaining your pledge to remain sober, success in the AMP requires your commitment to creating and working your own individualized Treatment Plan. However, as a resident in Visions’ network of recovery residences/transitional living homes (T-Houses), you have automatic access to a strong circle of support. In addition to the option of working the most appropriate outpatient treatment program for you (either intensive or routine) with regular one-on-one counseling, your Case Manager and T-House Manager/Senior Resident work together in coordination with your Outpatient Counselor to assist you in attaining your personal recovery goals. Please note: Housing is a separate contract from outpatient treatment.

 Tailored to your requirements, the AMP can be an excellent and affordable treatment option, allowing you to maximize your care cost-effectively. Your insurance plan may even cover the treatment portion of your program.

Important Note: Insurance, including Medi-Cal, does not fund the housing component of the Adult Maintenance Program.

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