Men's & Women's Residential SUD Treatment

     VOTC, Inc. offers unique and specialized care for men and women or women with children experiencing alcohol- and substance use-related challenges. You will find support and structure in an individually tailored length-of-stay program designed to meet your needs regardless of your upbringing at Visions Of The Cross-State licensed and certified Men’s or Women’s Residential Treatment Programs. A program that can provide a strong foundation for your lifelong recovery, offering you individual and group counseling, community-based support groups, and recreational and other extracurricular recovery-focused activities.

     Recognizing the importance of proper health and wellness to support your motivation and help you sustain your changes, the men’s and women’s residential programs include nutritious meals and an onsite workout area. If you are a Medi-Cal/Partnership beneficiary, as an approved Drug Medi-Cal Provider, Visions can assist you with obtaining funding for your substance use treatment. Contact us to learn more.

      Your treatment program is customized to address your specific needs. Our expert counseling and case management teams are dedicated to providing services that promote the tangible and sustainable long-term results you want. Visions’ specialized curriculum is uniquely designed to help you identify the underlying causes, including pain and suffering, that may have played a part in your choice to use alcohol and substances.

     You can learn the skills you can use to:
          ● Improve your communications,
          ● Help you solve your emotional difficulties,
          ● Make healthier behavioral choices for yourself,
          ● Set better boundaries for your interpersonal relationships and
          ● Maintain your sobriety for life.

     If you are someone who has struggled with opioid addiction and previously used or currently uses Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), Visions welcomes you. Visions can design a more effective treatment program for your recovery from opioid use by collaborating with local physicians who are approved to prescribe the medications used in MAT.

Men's Residential

Women's Residential

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If you are a Medi-Cal Beneficiary/Partnership HealthPlan of California Member, your healthcare plan may cover Your treatment at Visions of the Cross.  For more information, call Carelon 24/7 at (855) 765-9703.

Residential Treatment Services:

In Conjunction with the Licensed Professionals at Family Dynamics Resource Center, Visions also Provides: