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"To empower individuals through our uniquely designed education and
counseling programs so as to bring healing and restoration to their lives."

     Using proven therapeutic drug and alcohol education and counseling methods, Visions Of The Cross is designed to provide a peaceful, faith-based, family environment offering intensive residential recovery programs for adult (and dual diagnosed) men, women, and women with children, outpatient for men and women and recovery residences/transitional housing for men and women.

     A faith-based, therapeutic recovery community, Visions specializes in comprehensive treatment services designed to heal the whole person and encourage positive change. Our clients can learn the skills needed to solve emotional and behavior problems, address relationship issues, and generally improve the quality of their lives.


"Each human being has been intentionally created with a purpose in life
and deserves every opportunity to discover and fulfill that purpose."

     Additionally, Visions believes every person has the capacity to change. When people know their God-given purpose and are afforded the opportunity to fulfill it, they can begin to satisfy their deepest, previously unmet, needs, which drove them to live lives riddled with addictive behaviors.

     Individually tailored to address each client’s specific issues by establishing or re-establishing a connection with personal core values, Visions places an emphasis on boundaries, responsibilities, spirituality, and family. Visions integrates a cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment, ongoing supportive services and referrals, case management, and professional counseling that can meet each client’s individual needs.


     With first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing people in recovery and the limited community resources available to meet those needs, Steve and Tammy Lucarelli's own recovery journey led them to open Visions Of The Cross' first sober recovery residences/transitional living home in 2001. By 2005, Visions of the Cross had grown to 12 sober recovery residential/transitional living homes in the Redding area. In 2006, VOTC, Inc. (Visions Of The Cross) was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by Steve and Tammy before another 4 sober recovery residential/transitional living homes were added in 2007.

     In October of 2008, Visions added a California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) licensed and certified residential treatment facility for women and women with children*. The next month, Visions Of The Cross became certified by the DHCS to provide outpatient treatment** to both men and women. Also, Visions received certification as a Drug Medi-Cal perinatal and outpatient provider.

     Recognizing a need for an intermediate level of care, the following year Visions created an Adult Maintenance Program (AMP) for both men and women. The AMP combines outpatient treatment for substance use with secure, sober transitional housing; providing important safety and structure for participants.

     Today, Visions maintains a unique 3.4 acre recovery campus encompassing three adjacent suburban-style cul-de-sacs, one for the 32-bed women’s substance use residential treatment program, another, which opened in May of 2019, for the 30-bed men's residential treatment program*** and sober recovery residences/transitional housing, and the third for the outpatient programs and sober recovery residences/transitional housing. Additionally, there are four off-campus sober recovery residences/transitional housing locations bringing Visions' total housing capacity to 180 residents.

     Since opening, Visions has provided alcohol- and drug-free housing for hundreds of men and women including women with children. To date, over 375 women have given birth to healthy babies while residing in the safety of either Vision’s perinatal residential treatment program or transitional housing.

     As of July 1, 2020, all adult Medi-Cal beneficiaries/Partnership HealthPlan of California members are able to access services at both of Visions' two Drug Medi-Cal certified residential SUD treatment programs in addition to its outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. 

     The experienced, professional treatment team available to Visions' clients includes a Medical Director, a Clinical Supervisor, licensed Therapists and Interns, along with skilled, certified substance use Counselors and registered substance use Treatment Technicians. For those who request it, Visions Of The Cross also has pastoral counseling available to meet the spiritual needs of clients.

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*Women's Residential Program DHCS License and Certification # 450020AN, Expires 9/30/2024;
**Outpatient Program DHCS Certification # 450020BN, Expires 10/31/2024
***Men's Residential Program DHCS License and Certification # 450020EN, Expires 2/28/2025;