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Recovery Residences

Growing your recovery in a sober, safe, and
supportive home-like environment

    Sometimes the biggest challenge to your recovery is making the transition from a dysfunctional living situation to a healthy one, one without all the old triggers. Or you could be starting your recovery journey with no place to work your program free from the disorder and distractions that want to call you back to the “old life”. Or maybe you just need an affordable home so you can start working and saving up for a place of your own.
    To meet these sober living needs, Visions Of The Cross offers several locations in Shasta County where men, women, and women with children will find a clean, safe, and structured place to live. A home that will support you in your recovery and help you learn through experience how to live a clean and sober life.
    As a Visions recovery residence/transitional housing (T-House) resident, you’ll be expected to follow the T-House rules and to actively work your recovery program through attendance at outside meetings as well as finding a sponsor. Each T-House has access to a Case Manager/Counselor to assist you in obtaining your personal goals and an on-site House Manager/Senior Resident to help maintain your accountability. For everyone’s safety and security, residents are randomly tested to ensure a substance-free environment.
    If you desire to combine your T-House living arrangements with one of Visions many non-residential treatment options, Visions offers Redding T-House residents free transportation to and from its Outpatient program. For more information, see Adult Management Program.
    All T-Houses are equipped with a full kitchen to facilitate your individual meal preparation* and you’ll find a washer and dryer for your convenience in taking care of your laundry.
    With over 100 beds, there is likely to be one available for you right now. Contact us today to find out how you can become a Visions’ T-House Resident.

*Some T-House locations offer prepared meals at additional cost.


Please Note: Medi-Cal does not provide funding for any of Visions' residential treatment programs at the current time.