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Strengthen your ability to achieve
your long-term recovery goals

     Visions Of The Cross offers a flexible, multi-level Outpatient Program for those seeking freedom from addiction. Our state certified Outpatient Program is designed for individuals who do not require or who have completed detoxification, Residential Treatment, or Day Treatment.
    Utilizing evidence-based curriculum, Outpatient groups are offered throughout the week during the day and evening, making this level of care an excellent choice for those who work. There are different options for treatment from Intensive Outpatient to Outpatient Services and Aftercare, all to address your specific situation and needs. We can also offer weekly Family Program groups that can provide education and support to your loved ones while you are in treatment. Visions is also an approved Drug Medi-Cal Provider that can assist you with obtaining funding for your substance abuse disorder treatment (see note below).

Outpatient Treatment gives you an opportunity to interact in a real-world environment
while benefiting from a peer-oriented, structured therapeutic program.
Your progress is assessed regularly by our clinical staff,
who assist you in developing your own individualized treatment plan.
If you also need a safe and supportive living environment,
Visions' recovery residences/transitional living homes (T-Houses)
are highly recommended while you are in the outpatient treatment program.

     Visons works closely with participating physicians in providing the counseling/educational piece of an individually-designed Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) program for those clients requiring it.

    Graduates from the Outpatient program are always welcome in our Aftercare groups. These groups help provide ongoing recovery support.

    Visions accepts most private insurance and has a sliding scale for those without insurance.

    Medi-Cal Beneficiaries/Partnership HealthPlan of California Members:
    Your treatment at Visions Of The Cross may be covered by your healthcare plan.
    For more information, you may call Beacon Health Options 24/7 at (855) 765-9703.

    Contact us to discuss your funding options.

Outpatient services and components
provided by Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors
and Registered Alcohol and Drug Technicians include:

► Evaluation/assessment

► Discharge/Transition planning

► Alcohol and other drug
     education groups

► Introduction to 12 step recovery
     principles and self-help groups

► Group counseling

► Sobriety Maintenance,
     including Relapse Prevention

► Individualized treatment

► Individual counseling

► Drug screens
    when required

► Family Educational

► Legal system advocacy such
     as progress note update
     when needed

► Access to a variety of
     resources, including
     multi-cultural resources

► Playcare Parenting &
     Family Dynamics

► Education, training and support
     for mothers with children*.

*In collaboration with Family Dynamics Resource Center

Family Programs

     The goal of our Family Program is to introduce you to the principles of recovery, along with providing necessary social and emotional support. The educational component of the Family Program takes place once a week and assists you and your family members in understanding the complicated web of addiction and its impact on the family as a whole.
     Family members of those who are participating in detoxification, residential, day treatment, and outpatient treatment programs are welcome to attend this program.

Family Program Services Include:

► One-on-one assistance

► Informational material

► Group sessions facilitated by
     professional Counselors

► Referrals to other support
     services when needed

► Introduction to 12 Step and Al-anon recovery principles

Participation in Visions’ on-going outpatient groups can
improve your ability to successfully attain your recovery goals.

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