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Family Dynamics

Building foundations for future generations

Family Dynamics Resource Center works side-by-side with
Visions Of The Cross to promote health, wellness, and success

The work we do:
► Reduce incidences of child maltreatment through positive parent education and interventions to
     help strengthen the bonds between parents and children.
► Treatment of trauma and mental illness and co-occurring disorders
► Marriage and family counseling and relationship education.
► Provide low cost family activities to help educate and initiate “easy to do” fun activities for kids.
► Volunteer awareness education with community agencies networking.
► Screen for immediate family needs and risk factors.

Skill Building: Touchpoints

► Neurobiology of healthy relationships
► FRESH – Feeling Revived, Emotionally Stable and Healthy: Feel good for a change!!
► ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences “The neurological effects across a life span:
     Human Resilience and Restoration.”
► Strengthening families

► Nurturing fathers
► Self-esteem and empowerment programs
► Triple P – Positive Parenting Program
► Parenting classes
► Family and individual counseling
► Self-regulation clinics – Depression, Anxiety
► Self-care Retreats
► Community birthday party

Family Dynamics Resource Center
PO Box 990207
Redding, CA 96099
Office locations:
 ► Visions of the Cross
 ► 915 Twin View Blvd.